Looking for 2 religous studies classes online

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I am looking for online religous studies classes either for fall or next spring. I have had no luck. Should I call one of the schools directly? I am graduating in May 2013 if I can get 2 religous studies classes done either upcoming fall or spring. I have tried many searches and am having no luck finding equivalent classes. Can anyone help? Sincerely, James


  • Roberto
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    Hello James: Thank you for your interest in the California Virtual Campus. So I went ahead and did some searching for religious studies in the CVC and did yield some results using the advanced filters. Here is the link to that page: http://www.cvc.edu/students/courses/?subject=33&type=browse-subject I also included some insightful steps that will help you when navigating through the California Virtual Campus: Step 1: Navigate to the CVC Distance Education Catalog (http://www.cvc.edu/students/courses) and select Courses from the three primary tabs listed on the homepage. Step 2: Begin your search in the following ways: • Search by keyword(s): Enter a descriptor in the Keyword(s) field that best describes the online course you are looking for. You can narrow your keyword search by using the Advanced Filter fields (directly below the Keyword(s) field). • Narrow your search using advanced filters: Filtering your keyword search by Subject, Institution Level, School, and Term will customize your search to meet your specific needs. • Browse by subject, school, or recently added courses Another way to search for online courses is to "browse" by a particular subject, a school, or for courses that have been recently added to the CVC Distance Education Catalog. NOTE: Browsing gives you a broad set of results which are not necessary in alphabetical order. Step 3: Review your search results which will appear in the exact wording provided by the school or institution offering the Course. The CVC Distance Education Catalog is a reference only, listing information provided directly from the offering institution. If you have a question about a particular listing, please contact the school or institution directly (link is provided next to each listing). Step 4: Contact the school offering the course directly for more information about the online course, including availability, eligibility requirements, admissions, fees, and registration schedule. ________________________________________ NOTE: In addition to online Course offerings, the CVC Distance Education Catalog also references online Programs and Schools, which can be searched or browsed for using similar methods.