How to correctly fill our application as a high school home school graduate

Hi! I am trying to correctly fill out the application as a recent home school high school graduate and first time college student. I was home schooled all 4 years and have been a CA resident all my life. My parents filed their own Private School Affidavit. I completed all state and home school requirements for graduation (26 units). I was issued a diploma by my home school. When filling out the Education section of the CCC application I am confused as to what I should enter since the application revokes the answers I think I should be putting.

  1. Under "High School Education" it will not allow me to select "Received a high school diploma from a U.S. school" and that "I was independently home schooled." Your program says this information conflicts. I went to a private home school filed with the California CDE in the United States, so I don't understand why this does not apply. The only option that seems to allow me to move forward is "Passed a high school equivalency test and received a certificate of high school equivalency". This does not seem accurate though since I have a diploma.
  2. I cannot select that I attended high school in CA for 3 or more years and select that I was independently home schooled. Your program says this information conflicts. I resided and attended my private home school for all of my education, including my 4 years of high school.

Please advise me on how I should fill out your application correctly so that it reflects my education. Thank you very much!

Sincerely, C.T.



  • Angelica
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    Hello @CassAnn

    If you were associated with a particular High School or Charter School you can select "I was homeschooled in a registered homeschool organization". Now if you did not have a larger unit that you associated with for homeschooling then select "I was Independently homeschooled".

    For further assistance with these questions we recommend reaching out your Admissions and Records Office to get further instructions on the choices available to select from.