How can I delete one or delete one of my applications?

At first, I applied to one community college thinking ahead of time and now that I see that I won't be taking my summer classes there, I want to start a new application by applying to another community college that does have what I offer, but I can't apply to that one because it says that I can only apply to one community college for one summer term. Now that I want to take back my application and apply to the other community college it won't let me. What should I do?


  • Angelica
    edited May 6

    Hello if you have already applied to a college which district only needs one application per term for their district you would not need to submit another application to any of the other campuses within that district. Please reach out to the campus you intend on taking classes at and inform them that you have applied at one of the other campuses in their district.

  • Thank you!