legal name

Hello my name is Ashley Ann Olvera and I am trying to register however they have me listed as my previous married name as Ashley Ann Tanzi. I am divorced and my legal name is now back to "Olvera". Can you help me with this


  • Hi Ashley,

    Below are the steps to change your name on your OpenCCC account. If you need to change your last name on your school records, please correctly contact your colleges admissions office. In case if you need help with changing your name on your OpenCCC account, please feel free to call our helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836.

    1.) Go to and select your college from the drop-down.

    2.) Follow the steps to apply and sign in. Select the profile picture in the top right corner and click OpenCCC Account.

    3.) From this page you can update the following:

    • Personal Information (Name, DOB, SSN)

    • Contact Information (Email, Phone, Address)

    • Security and Credentials (Username, Password, PIN, Security Questions)

    4.) To edit Personal or Contact Information select the blue 'Edit' link(s) on the far right-hand side of the section.