Haven't Received Student ID number

I recently submitted everything to the College of San Mateo but I have yet to receive my ID. I'm not sure which email to use to inquire the school about it.


  • Hi jgeraghty7,

    I see that you submitted your application yesterday and this morning the college received your application. Please allow the college two business days to process your application and email you back your student ID number. If you don't hear anything back from them after two business days, please send them an email at [email protected]. Thank You.

  • Hello,

    I created an account back on May 2, but have not received an email from Mesa College (San Diego) that includes a 10 digit student ID number. I received a CCCID that is less than ten digits, and I cannot continue with the supplemental application process (for the Dual Enrollment program). I contacted admissions at Mesa College, and was told that I needed to submit a JIRA request in order access my 10 digit student ID, but I cannot find any way how to do so via the Mesa College website.

    Any suggestions about how to proceed?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Dylan,

    The best way to move forward with this, is emailing the college back at [email protected] to clarify what they mean by submitting a JIRA request. Please also ask them what information they need so that they are able to provide you with your student ID number.