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I can not find esl courses tab "Intended Major or Program of Study" for the spring in semetr for San Jose City College. How do I make Application for Admission to College.


  • Monica
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    Hello Tatsiana,

    If you are unable to locate the exact intended major you are looking for on the online admissions application for San Jose City College, I recommend two options for you. My first recommendation is to select the closest major that is related to your interest of study. For example; you are interested in ESL classes. An option that may be available would be foreign language. My second recommendation would be to contact the Counseling Department at San Jose City College to make an appointment with a counselor or adviser that will help assist you with your career path. They can also help set you up with ESL advisers if need be. The contact information for San Jose City College is:

    San Jose City College phone number:
    (408) 298-2181
    (their help desk will forward you to the Counseling Department or ESL Department when you call.)

    If you have yet to apply to San Jose City College and would like to do so please follow the steps below to fill out your online admissions application:

    1.) Please begin at
    2.) From the drop down menu on the right hand side select the college you are applying to, and click on the green 'Apply' link, you will be directed the college’s Admissions page.
    3.) Select the online application link on the Admissions page, you will then be directed to OpenCCC.
    4.) Select 'Create an Account.' Account creation is a one-time process, please save account information for future application submissions with OpenCCC.
    5.) After creating an OpenCCC account please click on the 'Continue' tab, you will then be directed to the 'My Applications' page.
    6.) Select 'Start a New Application' link to begin online application.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask, I am always happy to help.

  • phuongle
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    Hello Monica

    I would like to enroll ESL credit classes for the spring semester at San Jose City College (SJCC).

    I followed all the steps of your instruction. At "Enrollment" tab, I don’t know what to choose "Educational Goal" and "Intended Major or Program of Study".

    Please help me to complete it.

    Thank you so much!


  • Hello Phuong,

    I would suggest selecting Educational Development for your Education Goal. For your Major, you can select anything you feel is closest to what you would like to do. Once your application is downloaded and processed, you will be required to meet with a counselor and they will assist with getting you registered for the right courses along with developing your education plan. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,