Lost my job this year. bog fee waiver wants last years income. what do I do?

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The Bog Fee Waiver ask for previous income from last yr. I lost my job recently, what would i be able to do? Should I even bother trying to get a fee waiver? The fasfa ask you if you are a displaced worker. fee waiver doesn't


  • Monica
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    Hello Ryan,
    I highly encourage you to proceed with your application for the Bog Fee Waiver regardless of the situation. The application is free and does not cost you anything but some time to fill out and submit. Because you have recently lost your job and the Bog Fee Waiver is asking you for your income taxes for last year, I recommend you make an appointment with a financial aid counselor at the College you plan to attend. The counselor will be able to better assist you with the Bog Fee Waiver application as well as the circumstances you are facing regarding your change in income from last year to this year.

    I will gladly provide you with the Financial Aid Office contact information if you reply to this post to which college you are planning on attending.
    If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.