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I cannot receive any Student ID number by IVC

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I'm Seohee Lee applying to Irvine Valley College.

This is my information, and I submitted the IVC application at CCC site March12, 2023.

Then I received an email that IVC will contact me by email approximately 1 business day. While I was waiting for the email, I cannot receive an email for 3 days. So I contacted IVC and told them about my problem. But they said

" nfortunately, we were unable to find your information in our records. It is possible that your application was not submitted to IVC successfully.

For information relating to your questions, please contact the CCCApply for assistance as follows:


Phone: (877) 247-4836 or Email: [email protected]

TTY Phone Number (for the Hearing Impaired Only): (877) 836-9332"

So I'm asking for your help! :( Can you help me with this problem? 😭

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  • Tee
    Answer ✓

    Hi @sh060661,

    I show your application was indeed successfully submitted to IVC on 3/13/2023 but as of today, the college has not yet downloaded or processed your application. I recommend that you contact IVC again and provide them with your application confirmation number so that they can correctly locate your application in their system to have it processed. To find your application confirmation number, sign back into your application for IVC. Under the submitted application section, look for "App ID" and write it down. The "app ID" is the same thing as your application confirmation number.