I need my account password reset.

My account's password has left my memory, so I wanted to reset it to apply this spring. I did the whole date of birth and last name thing, but it keeps telling me that I got it wrong. I must have mistyped my last name or my birthdate was in the wrong format.


  • I also wanted to apply for winter 2023, mine isn't letting me recover or reset my password and Hartnell email as well. I've already talked to a counselor and a person from admission and records and they said if you guys can help me recover my email since I'm a a returning student I would have to register all over again but I can't since I already have a Hartnell email and everything.

  • Hello @MatthewGreaney @0416506

    Please be sure to use Chrome, as it is our preferred browser. Safari often shows an error message when users try entering their date of birth to recover their OpenCCC account. If this does not allow you to recover, please call our Helpdesk where agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us at 877-247-4836.