Account access


I can't remember my account username. what should I do because it won't let me recover my account.


  • I am trying to register. It is saying that my email address already has an acount but it is not recognizing my birthday and last name. How do I register for school if it will not let me in

  • @jordynlong @chpm0nk98

    Please call the Helpdesk so that an agent can assist you with recovering your OpenCCC account. You can reach us at 877-247-4836 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Same problem that I had.

    I called the helpdesk, nothing solved.


  • Angelica
    edited November 11

    Hello @emilyxm,

    I was able to locate your ticket from this morning at 11:23 am, please followup back with the agent that has reached out to you all ready to assist you with your questions.

  • Hi Angelica can you tell me my student e mail address ? I have trouble to login

  • Angelica
    edited November 23

    Hello @Jchen888

    To better assist you with your account questions we recommend reaching out to our helpdesk for assistance with your account agents are standing by to assist you with your questions. California Community Colleges Help Desk at 1-877-247-4836 available 24 hours a day 7 days a week or by email at [email protected]