How can I recover my account when it's disabled? Can anyone please help?

I was checking my application status and all of a sudden I couldn't sign in because it says my account is disabled. Can anyone please help?


  • Hi @shtetoo

    Since your account is disabled, please contact the California Community Colleges Helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836 to have your account enable. Also if you are looking to check your application status, generally speaking, you should be able to contact your college's admissions office and a staff member can provide you updates on your submitted application.

  • I appreciate the help but I'm an international student and it's costly to contact the US numbers just to have my account enabled. Are there any other options?

  • Hi @shtetoo

    In that case, please email the California Community Colleges Helpdesk at [email protected] to open up a ticket. On your email, please provide a copy or screenshot of your passport to verify that you are the account holder to have your account enabled.