MY name is Anwar hamadeh .

I use to be a student at DVC I stopped for a period of time, so I am trying to apply again I have a problem changing the email into the new one to get my verification code.

thank you .


  • I need to register for a class online

  • Tee
    edited September 22

    Hi @Anwar,

    Please contact our helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836 so that we can confirm you are the account holder and help you update your old email address to the new one for you to successfully self-recover your account.

  • Hi @cruzwd63,

    In order to be able to register for a class online, please submit your admissions application first and completed all your steps to enrollment such as orientation and assessment. Once you have completed these, your college's admissions department will provide you with a time and date to register for your online class through your student portal account.