My OpenCCC account is disabled and I can't log in.

Even though I sent an email to OpenCCC Support with some of my data, she can't help me with unlocking my account because of me not being able to make an international call. Please someone help me with recovering my account.


  • @Kirigaya

     I have emailed you from [email protected] Please check your inbox and reply to my request so I can try to assist with your account recovery.

  • I'm tying to apply for lbcc but it says i already have an account here i haven't been for 5 years & i'm tryna go back to school i wanna go here

  • Hey,my openccc account is disabled and can't log in.please assist.

  • Can't access my openccc account,it has been disabled.please assist to recover my account.

  • @mhammadj @Rahmadik

    For assistance with your account recovery Please reach out to the California Community Colleges Help Desk at 1-877-247-4836 24 hours a day 7 days a week.