Need EDU gmail Plz

I DONT REMEMBER IF WE ARE ALL ASSIGNED EDU EMAILS WHEN REGISTERING/ATTENDING COLLEGE. I think I might remember signing into Blackboard with an EDU email, but I'm not too sure...does anyone know how we can retrieve our EDU email and password?



  • Can you please provide me edu Gmail account

    Thanks a lot

  • @CHR1729

    Unfortunately, the Helpdesk is unable to assist with these types of requests. You will need to contact your records and admissions office for assistance with Student ID, student email, Canvas, student portal and orientation or transcript questions. I have provided the contact information for your college below. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you,

  • Need edu Gmail

  • @dice

    You will need to call your admissions office at the college you applied to in order to obtain your student information. We do not create .edu emails for students. This is done by your college.

    Thank you,