My phone number is invalid no matter how I enter it.


  • What is the format for our phone number. I've tried entering it every way I could think. Help!

  • How to I put in my number for the correct format

  • Hi @IndicaRose and @Apriljaneclark

    If you are getting an invalid phone number format, please try using mobile data on your phone to see if you can correctly enter your phone number. Also, attempt to use incognito mode or a different browser. If these doesn't work, you can always skip the phone number as it is not required and add your phone number later.

  • You can log in in a different browser like firefox or safari - then it looks like this (even if not international) +15555555 so +1 then your phone with no spaces at all. I also left landline selected even though it is mobile, not sure if changing that works or not but I left it alone.

  • Please help me sign up to web advisor. I'm unable to create a username and password.

  • Hi @IndicaRose

    Unfortunately we are unable to assist with Web Advisor. We suggest calling your admissions office for assistance with your student portal. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you,