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OpenCCC Student Account System Production Release Today, June 30, 2022

A Student Success Suite (SSS) Production hotfix will be released today, Thursday, June 30, 2022, starting at noon. This zero-downtime hotfix is for the following SSS products:

  • OpenCCC Student Account System

This release updates the Student Account System to support single-sign-on (SSO) logins from third-party systems such as CVC Course Exchange.


  • I try to log in to my account but it says it's a wrong password and I already change it a few times. also, I put recover account and it says it was an error and it's not able to identify my account.

  • The same is happening to me i have been trying to log in for the past few hours and have changed my passwords a few times also but it keeps saying wrong password and wont let me log in and even said a couple of times that i was locked out of my account for suspicious activity.

  • Hi @Victormjc8 and @Smadrigal14

    Since both of you cannot login, I've created a helpdesk ticket so that I can assist you individually with logging into your account. Please check your email and reply back to me so that I can help you with your correct password to sign in.

  • Alita
    edited July 2022

    Edit: Nvm right after I posted this and checked Canvas again, it let me in. I can't believe it.

  • @Alita

    Thank you for letting us know you were able to successfully log into Canvas.

    Thank you,

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