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Primary Phone Number field has an invalid format


I am a returning student to Orange Coast College. Throughout the past years, I assume the system was updated and all my old logins no longer valid. I am deciding to go back to OCC to take some more classes and finish that 1 class I missed for my Associate degree. However, after trying recover account page, I got in but my info has changed since I last attended. So I tried to edit my info but I am stuck at this Invalid Phone number bug/glitch/page. Tried adding "1", "+" "()" and it still doesnt work. And I am unable to continue and unable to send a new application to OCC. Any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreicated.

Thank You so Much!



  • Hi @thomas5656

    Have you tried a different browser or in incognito mode to see if you can enter your phone number. If you try that and it doesn't accept the phone number, it is okay to leave the phone number out as it is not required to provide a phone number.

  • thomas5656
    edited June 2022


    Hi! Thank You for your reply. here's a new screenshot of it. As it shows, Phone number is a required field. Im in edit account page because my address has changed since then. In order reapply, i need to provide an updated phone number and valid address on where i currently reside. Everything else is fine except the phone number as it is required. I couldnt get it to work no matter what I tried. (used +, +1, (), -...etc). Also changing from landline to mobile did not work as well.

  • Hi @thomas5656

    I've created a helpdesk ticket for you regarding this issue so that I can assist you with updating the phone number on your account. Please check your email and reply back to me. Thank You.

  • I put a 1 in front of my phone number and I don't think I needed to. How do I correct this?

  • @tadosha

    I have emailed you from [email protected] Please check your inbox for further instructions.

    Thank you,

  • Hi, I am getting the same notification when I type in my phone number. Please help.

  • HI @Gilda

    If you are trying to update the phone number on your existing OpenCCC account, please call our Helpdesk so an agent can assist you. If you are trying to create an OpenCCC account, because you already have an existing OpenCCC account an agent will need to help with recovering your password. We can be reached at 877-247-4836 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • You can log in in a different browser like firefox or safari - then it looks like this (even if not international) +15555555 so +1 then your phone with no spaces at all. I also left landline selected even though it is mobile, not sure if changing that works or not but I left it alone.

  • It says my phone is invalid what to do

  • Hello @alands

    Phone number format must be +1 area code and number Ex. +15305551212