Wrong email on application

I am having trouble logging into my account. it would appear the email I entered was incorrect somehow and I could not verify my account. now when I try to log in or create a new account it attempts to recover my account by sending another confirmation request to the email that does not exist. If my phone is in the system I don't understand why there isn't an option to verify by phone... maybe there is and i'm missing it. Frustration is getting the better of me.

Please assist me with this, I am struggling to move forward.




  • Hello @Xanderless @bairds124

    Please reach out to our Helpdesk [email protected] and provide the following so that an agent can assist you with your questions one on one. Please DO NOT respond to this post, or we will have to take down your post to protect your privacy.

    Full Name:

    Old Email Contact if known:

    Current Email:

    Old phone on account if known:

    Current Mobile Phone Number:

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    CCCID if known: