Why is CCC account application not working

Wont go through with the password I made for it

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  • Tee
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    Hi @sandolui04

    I show you were able to successfully submit your application today to San Joaquin Delta College. Are you still needing assistance?


  • It won't let me get past the password stage in creating an account

  • Hi @Ljak24601

    Please try using a different device to see if you can create your account. If you were on a computer, try using your mobile data on your phone. If that doesn't work out, try creating your account without a phone number, and let me know if you need additional assistance.

  • I still need assistance I’m trying to login into my Delta account and it’s saying all my login info is incorrect and I was also informed of receiving an email with my login info and I still haven’t received it

  • @Tee I do require more assistance please and thank you

  • Hi @sandolui04

    Since you are not able to log into your delta account (student portal), please contact your college directly as they will be able to provide you with the correct username/password to sign in.