I have been taking Emeritus classes for many years. I cannot seem to login. Please help!


  • Virginia3995
    edited June 6

    Hello my name is Virginia Lin and I applied for the Summer session on May 10th but my application is still on hold and I can't register for summer or fall classes. I sent three emails to admissions and records and called twice and still nothing. Can you please help me?

  • Hi @Pansygirl427

    Can you clarify if you are not able to log in to your OpenCCC account to submit your application or the student portal account to register for your courses?

  • Hi @Virginia3995

    Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can help you with as this is a college issue. Since Admissions & Records has not contacted you back yet and it has been almost a month since you submitted your application, I suggest you file a complaint with the dean of students services or contact the president's office to see if they can help you get a hold of someone at Admissions.

  • Hello,

    This is Virginia Lin.

    Can you please give me the contact emails for the dean of students services or the president's office?

  • Hello @Virginia3995

    The information will be available online on your college's website please check this listing to visit your college website. You can locate the contact information on their Staff and Faculty Directory or by performing a search on your college website for the information.