Just a quick question in regards to student G#, is it the same as a CCCID?

I am currently applying and have seen it say that I need a G# which was sent to me after applied. I did not receive an email, but I did receive one with the CCC account. From the steps page (1. B) It said I needed to apply to CSM through CCC, but when I did so it took me to my application. Either way, on the CCC email, I got a CCCID for tracking enrollments, etc, and not a G#. Before submitting my things, are they the same? Thanks.

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  • Tee
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    Hi @ITapio

    The CCCID and G # are not the same. G # is your student ID number for the college while your CCCID is your OpenCCC account number. This account allows you to apply and submit an online application to your college.