Can not recover my account

Need assistance


  • Hi, Please help i need to retrieve my cypress college ID number.


  • I need help recovering my account I do not remember my password and do not have access to the email it is connected to

  • Need assistance. Thank you.

  • I need help recovering my account, I no longer have access to the email that the account is connected to

  • Tee
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    Hi @Dvorecaron @afrndzz6 @Sonyamalta @elianavasquez

    For assistance in recovering your OpenCCC account, please contact our 24/7 helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836 or by email at [email protected] so that we can verify that you are the account holder and help you recover your username/password.

  • Hi @phapminh15

    Your student ID number is provided to you directly from your college. Please reach out to your college's admissions office and request your student ID number.