My account isn't recognized in the system

Hello! I have been struggling with my account which somehow says that it isn't recognized by the system? I have been quite stressed about it and i can't even think what i did wrong i'm not sure if it's my username or password and i did call but they couldn't help me about it. I do have problems talking on the phone like i start stuttering a lot and i think that's why they couldn't help me or understand me.

Hopefully you can help me!<3

thank you!<33


  • Hi @mrosales859

    Have you attempted to self recover your account yet? If not, please try to recover your account using your email address. If you cannot recover your account, please let me know.

    If you have forgotten your Username and/or Password, please follow the steps provided below.

    1.) Go to and select your college from the drop down menu and click 'Apply'

    2.) Select the online application link(s) from the Admissions page and click 'Sign In'

    3.) Select 'Recover Account' and enter your last name and date of birth. 

    4.) You will be prompted to select a way to receive a verification code based on the contact information listed on your OpenCCC account.

    5.) If an account is not found, or your information is no longer valid, please call our Helpdesk.

  • omgg! Thank you so much!

  • Hi @mrosales859

    You are very welcome. Please let me know if you have any other issues or questions that I can help you with.