how do i make my security questions

i have created my questions and i don't know where to find them


  • Hi @Perez26

    We no longer require security questions. I have provided the steps below to recover your account, but If you are unable to recover your account, please call our Helpdesk at 877-247-4836 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    1.) Go to and select your college from the drop down menu and click 'Apply'

    2.) Select the online application link(s) from the Admissions page and click 'Sign In'

    3.) Select 'Recover Account' and enter your last name and date of birth. 

    4.) You will be prompted to select a way to receive a verification code based on the contact information listed on your OpenCCC account.

    5.) If an account is not found, or your information is no longer valid, please call our Helpdesk.