Recovery Email not accessible


My recovery email is not accessible and I cannot recover my account. Does anyone have any idea of how to get around this issue?


  • @JenBailey

    I have sent you an email from [email protected] requesting additional information to assist me with locating your OpenCCC account. Please check your inbox and reply there.

    Thank you,

  • I have the same issue.

  • hello, My email address is not accessible how do I recover my account ?

  • hi, I also have the same issue!!

  • Hi I want to recover my account but no longer have access to my email

  • Hi @DLybra , @kykylem and @bellanelsonca

    I have created each one of you a helpdesk ticket so that you can get assistance with recovering your account. Please check your email and respond back to the ticket. Thank You.

  • Hi @Prekshya

    I see you have already contacted our helpdesk and opened up a ticket. We have responded to your ticket so check your email and reply back so that we can assist you in recovering your account. Thank You.

  • Kenaij
    edited April 4

    Hi, I'm also having this issue.

  • Hello, my email is not accessible since the email does not exist because it was deleted. How do I recover my account? When I tried making a new account it sent me a screen saying recover your account.

  • Hi @Kenaij and @jsangha

    Please contact the OpenCCC helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836 for assistance in recovering your account since you guys no longer have access to your old email address to self recover your account.

  • Hello! I am having the same issue. I do not have access to the email I made my account with.

  • Hi @Caseyxchang

    Being that you no longer have access to your old email that you created the account with, please contact our helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836 so that we can verify that you are the account holder and assist you with updating your email to recover your account.