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Having trouble recovering account

I was a GCC student before and I'm trying to reactivate my account but it's telling me that my date of birth is wrong. I write mm/dd/yyyy however it still says it's wrong. I don't know how else to write it.


  • Hi @siona,

    Please make sure to use the Google Chrome browser and when entering your date of birth (DOB) make sure to use the calendar option when entering your DOB. We are aware that when you enter your DOB via the keyboard keys an error appears.

  • I have been trying to apply to OpenCCC account but, it kept say my phone number is invaild even though I adjusted it. So I'm a new student and my English isn't good enough so I don't know what to do! If there has anyway to help me I would like to welcome thanks!

  • Hi @huabh209,

    It is not required that you provide a phone number while creating your account so go ahead and leave the phone number blank. You should be able to successfully create an OpenCCC account without a phone number. Please let me know if you have any other questions that I can assist you with.