Create CCC account

I was trying to create CCC account but it didn't let me do it. It says I already had an account but when I tried to recover, it links with an email which is not mine. How can I put the ticket in?


  • Hi @nganknle,

    Can you try one of the two steps below and see if you are able to create your account. If Step 2 works for you, you can always change your password afterward and also enter your phone number.

    1) Try creating your account using Firefox without a phone number 

    2) Try creating your account without a phone number and your temporary password as College$123

  • nganknle
    edited March 18

    Thank you, @Tee !

  • Thanke you verymuch

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to open two accounts for my son and daughter to take classes at College of the Desert. CCC Apply would not allow me to start the second application for my son; it keeps repeating that "an account already exists." Please advise me on how to get over this step. Thanks

  • Hello @codonca

    When students create their OpenCCC account to apply, they must use their own contact information. The same contact information can't be used for more than one of their accounts. Please have your son and daughter create their OpenCCC accounts using their own phone numbers and emails and we suggest that they do not use a student email. Please let us know if you have any questions.