can't log in

it says to contact support not able to log in... does not recognize email...


  • Hi @jlopez666,

    I've created a ticket for you in our helpdesk so that I can better assist you with logging back into your account.

  • I just re-registered after years...and cannot log into account still...Login error no matter what it is... this is why I did not attend this school in the first place.

  • Hi @acj1343

    Can you provide me a screenshot of your login error so that I can see which error you are referring to in order to correctly assist you?

  • Hi I’m trying to do a dual enrollment class and I need to register for the fall but I can’t log into my account and the system for helping me get into my account keeps denying my information. Some help would be great. Thanks!

  • Hello @mvescova1

    Your first step is to submit your enrollment application using the steps below. If you are unable to log into your OpenCCC account, please call our Helpdesk at 877-247-4836 where agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    1.) Please begin at

    2.) From the drop down menu select the college you are applying to and click 'Apply'.

    3.) You will be directed to OpenCCC to Sign In or Create Account.

    4.) From here, you will click Start a New Application to apply.


    Once you have submitted an application it can take 1-2 business days for you to receive a student ID and enrollment information from your college. If more than 2 business days have passed and you have not been contacted by your college, please call our Helpdesk to confirm your application was submitted successfully.