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Anyone else unable to apply for Spring 2022?

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Got the usual nonsense and runaround, "clear your browser information, make sure it's up to date, trying a different computer," etc. I've been hung up on multiple times now by their support line. The one person that was semi-helpful made a ticket in the system and said I would be getting a phone call back today which never came. Then my ticket magically got marked as 'resolved'. This system is absolute garbage, and at least half the representatives I've spoken to should be outright fired. This is what things look like from my end:

Has anyone else ran into the same problems?


  • esalazar1
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  • Hello @Tretiak

    I wasn't able to find a ticket with your information in the helpdesk, perhaps you used some other email contact information? Unfortunately, at this time we are still experiencing some bugs with the application system but are working with students who are still experiencing this issue to get them resolved as quickly as possible in order to assist with their enrollment process for classes. Please reach out to our helpdesk again so we are able to track how many students this issue is affecting as well as inform you of when the issue has been resolved.

    California Community Colleges Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7-days a week.


    support[email protected]