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All Student Systems Back Online. New CCC Student Account System is Live!

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The new CA Community Colleges (CCC) Student Account System is now live and all existing student accounts have been migrated to the new account system.

All CCC student systems are now back online:

  • CCC Student Account system (OpenCCC)
  • CCC Student application system (CCCApply)
  • CCC Student Onboarding system (CCC MyPath)

Students encountering errors while using the CCC student systems can contact the 24/7 Student Help Desk for assistance:



  • Students are currently getting this error message. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Yup, still doesnt work at all. I need help please. classes are starting soon and i still need to apply.

  • Yes, I have the same issue. Please advise any new updates.

  • @Rubalcava

    Can you confirm if these students are receiving the 504 Gateway Time Out when creating their account or when recovering their account..

  • @kestrada1

    Can you clarify if you need help creating your account or need help recovering your account.

  • @alexis1234

    Can you clarify if you need help creating your account or need help recovering your account.

  • Hello, I have created an account. Now I would like to register but it will not let me add my credentials. It takes me to the error page.

  • same issue Iam receiving the 504 error page and I need to register immediately because classes start soon.

  • alexis1234
    edited January 2022

    Yes, is there any way to register ? I am having the same 504 error message. I have also, used various browsers to try and nothing seems to work.

  • I am also getting the same error Also try various browsers nothing seem to work :(

  • Hello i am having the same issue trying to recover my account. Pleas help

  • @alexis1234

    Can you provide me a screenshot of the error message so that I can see which error you are getting.

  • @alexis1234

    Our helpdesk is aware of the 504 Gateway error message that you are reporting. Our developers are currently working to resolve the issue. Once I hear back that the issue has been fix, I'll let you know.

  • Thank you very much @Tee.

  • I am still getting the response that the CCCapply system is down for maintenance.

  • It won't let me sign up for my fall classes

  • rogerviv23_
    edited February 2022

    I tried several times to log in but, I still can't recover my account.

  • Still not working.

  • The new system was giving me trouble at first, but I think I finally got it right!

  • Hi @Tee, I am helping a relative sign up for classes and I am getting the same 504 error in the registration process.

    Please let me know when a solution is posted.

  • I can't even create an account. I tried multiple times. Anyone got the same error?

  • flamingo13
    edited February 2022

    judy romero

  • nope, not working

  • Still not working , this is so frustrating. I need to enroll in spring 2022 classes , there is only few days left . Been calling for last few days , still nothing . My college can’t even pull my application or even push manually to get it processed . I really hope that I don’t get to be left out of spring semester because of this issue …

  • @majana79

    I see your application has already been submitted to Sierra College on 1/27/2022. However as of today, the college has not yet downloaded or processed your application. You'll need to reach out to the college directly to get assistance in resolving this issue.

  • @Tee

    Hi Tee , thank you so much for a reply . I have contacted college yesterday and I was told that they can’t download my application from CCC and that’s causing the issue with me and my spring enrollment . I’m gonna try calling them again today and see if anything has changed. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

  • Hi, I cannot go through register page, all fields is filed, however system says "all data items are required" but there's no empty slots to put information in. Please help

  • Also I can't create account on ccc

  • And then if I go recover account