For College-specific Issues
Please reach out to your college for questions regarding your Student ID, Student Portal login, Financial Aid, Student Email, Transcripts, Course Registration and Counseling Appointments. Click the link to find to your college's Admissions Office Helpdesk.

For Account Recovery & CCCApply Issues
Phone: (877) 247-4836 or Email: [email protected] 
TTY Phone Number (for the Hearing Impaired Only): (877) 836-9332

What information do I need when going through account recovery?

If you have already created an OpenCCC account but you're unable to sign in to your account, you’ll need to be able to access either your mobile phone or email account - whichever was validated during account creation - in order to retrieve a reset security code. More times than not, the account recovery process will require that you create a new password, which involves getting a new security code to your verified method of contact (email or mobile phone).

In addition to your Email address, Mobile Phone number, and Password, you may be asked to provide the information below, depending on the recovery path you’re on.

  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • City & Zip Code


  • Hello @mikesue

    Please reach out to the California Community Colleges Help Desk at 1-877-247-4836 24 hours a day 7 days a week or by email at [email protected]. Please provide the following to assist with locating your account to assist you with your account recovery. Please DO NOT respond to this post with your information, or we will have to take down your post to protect your privacy.

    Full Name (First Middle Last):

    Old Email Contact (if known):

    Current Email:

    Old Phone on account (if known):

    Current Mobile Number:

    College Applying To:

    CCCID if known: