Where can I find the International Student application on the website???

This message appears: "Individuals with a non U.S. address must use the International Student application to apply". Where can I find this International Student application on the website???



  • Hello @Marcel

    We recommend reaching out to your Admissions and Records Office at your college in order to get more information on the International Student Application process, they will be able to provide you links and answer any specific questions that you have regarding the process of becoming a student at their college. You can also perform a search on the college website to find more information on their site that can provide you with more information on applying.

  • Hello👋

    How do international students apply to college?

    What are the admission requirements?

    What does the college offer them?


  • Hi @Hassanhenedy_99

    International students apply online to their community colleges through their college's website. Every college is different so they all have different admission requirements. You should always get in contact with your college's international student office to find out the admissions requirements and what the college has to offer in terms of programs and majors.