I can't register for the enrollment application

I cannot register in the enrollment application, it gives an error when clicking to register. How do I enroll in the ESL course?? I wanted to start today but I scoured the entire site trying to register and I couldn't!


  • Hi Marcel,

    Can you provide me a screenshot of the error so that I can see what the issue is in order to correctly assist you.

  • Same problem. I can't set up an account to register. The screen says one of three things is wrong with my computer or browser. I have to disable one or all of them I guess. It is standard and I don't know how to send it to you but I have no idea how to disable certain things about my computer. I'm not real computer literate. I just want to sign up for a non credit class, Lifelong Learning Institute, Ancient Societies and Their People at Shasta College which I attended and graduated from many years ago. The book says to choose "Improve Basic Skills" but I guess I need some private computer classes before I can even try to apply. Richard

  • Hi Richard,

    It sounds like you are receiving the proxy error message when creating your account. It is possible that this is relate to your internet provider. I recommend that you use a different internet network and see if you are able to create your account.

  • Thanks for the reply. You're right, it IS the proxy error message which no site has ever sent me before. I don't have a way to use another internet provider at my house that I know of and the other computer in the house has the same provider but that answer saves me a ton of time messing around with my computer and possibly screwing it up . Only one provider serves our house which is AT&T. Firefox is my browser. I guess I could go to another site like the Shasta College Library but I'm not a student there.

  • Hi Richard,

    Please try another location such as the public library, Starbucks or on campus at the college. If you attempt these locations and still cannot create your account, please call our helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836 for further assistance.

  • I can register for enrollment it said that username or password are incorrect!!! And they are not

  • Hi Luramella,

    Please call our helpdesk at  1-877-247-4836 to so that we can assist you with this issue. We are open 7 days a weeks, 24 hours.

  • I am trying to register and can't get into my ccc account

  • Hello,

    Please call our Helpdesk so an agent can assist you with recovering your OpenCCC account in order to begin your enrollment application.

    Thank you,