Can not enroll in credit classes

I made a college application ( for credit and non credit classes ) for Pierce Collage, but I can't enroll in any credit classes ! Whenever I try to enroll, I get this error message:

Unable to add this class - term maximum exceeded. Students transitioning from noncredit coursework to credit coursework:

Before you can enroll in credit courses, you will need to re-apply to the college. To do this, visit your home college's website and click the APPLY button in the upper right corner. Afterwards, press the "Click here for College Application" button to get started.

Students enrolled in credit classes:

You are unable to add this class. You have reached your term unit limit requirement. To enroll in additional classes, please meet with a counselor at your home college about increasing your term unit limit.

I talked to Pierce Collage admission office bout this problem few times, but no solutions yet. They said it looks like a glitch in the system!

Has anyone experienced this before? Any suggestions?


  • Hello,

    Unfortunately this issue can only be resolved by your colleges admissions office since they are in charge of letting students register for credit or non credit courses. Please continue to contact the admissions office until they can fully resolve your course registration issue. Thank You.