Broken Link in "New OpenCCC Account Creation" Email

Hello CCCApply,

I recently created an account and noticed that the link to "Self-Service Account Recovery" seems to be broken. It is directing me to a forbidden site. You can see the message I received below.

Also, it would be helpful to clarify that completing this step did not complete a college application.


December 14, 2021

Dear X

Congratulations on successfully creating your OpenCCC Account.

Your CCCID is:

Your CCCID allows you to access the online services of the California Community Colleges using a private, secure, single sign-on account.

The CCCID is your global California Community Colleges ID and helps track your enrollment and academic records across all California Community Colleges that you may attend throughout your academic career.

You may be assigned a local Student ID by the college you are attending.

To confirm your college student ID, please contact your college directly.

Self-Service Account Recovery

User self-service account recovery is available at

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Thank you!

CCC Technology Center


  • Hello,

    Thank you for reporting the broken link. Our helpdesk will be updating the link so that it directs students to the correct self recovery page. In regards to clarification that creating an account does not complete the application, the verbiage is already there "Congratulations on successfully creating your OpenCCC Account".