How can I cancel an application to switch it to apply to a different college?

I am a current high school student that would like to cancel my application to the first school I applied to and reapply to a different college for the same semester, but I was unaware that I was only allowed to apply one per semester with schools within same district


  • Hi Kevin,

    I see that you have submitted your application to Norco Community College. If you are looking to reapply to either Riverside or Moreno for the Fall 2022, you actually don't need to resubmit a new application. The reason so is that Norco, Riverside and Moreno are all 3 colleges under one district which means your one application to Norco is the same as Riverside and Moreno. If you are not reapplying to Riverside or Moreno, please resubmit a new application to your college.