New Student Account System Coming Soon!!

In the coming weeks, a new student account system will be deployed across the California Community Colleges (CCC) system!

Students applying to the California Community Colleges will see a new sign-in page and a new process for creating a student account. This new account system makes it easier and faster for new students to create a CCC student account. Students applying to the California Community Colleges system for the first time are no longer required to create security questions, instead, a one-time account validation process secures student accounts.

When this new student account system is deployed, there will be an up to two-day downtime for the following student systems:

  • OpenCCC Student Account System
  • CCCApply Student Application System
  • CCC MyPath Student Onboarding System

More information on the exact date and time for the new student account system deployment will be posted soon.

CCC Technology Center