I applied to the wrong college how can i fix this?

I applied to Mesa College however I need to apply to SCCU in order to complete nursing program. Is there a way I can submit application?


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    Can you clarify which college you are trying to submit your application too for the Nursing Program because I am not aware of a community college that is abbreviated as SCCU.

  • His question could help mine which is the topic above. It could have at least be answered here.

  • I applied to the wrong college how can i fix this?

  • Hello,

    If you would like to apply to a college that is in the same district as the college you submitted an application to, please call the records/admissions office. Let them know you applied and to what college you applied to and that you would like to register at their college instead. If the college you want to attend is not in the same college district as the one you applied to, please submit a new application to the college you want to apply to. If you need additional assistance, please call our Helpdesk at 877-247-4836.

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