Delete Application?

I recently applied at southwest college, unfortunately they don't have the classes I need. I had already registered for one class when I found out they wouldn't be offering the other class I need. I accident registered for LACC thinking it was LAVC witch offers the classes that I need, but for me to apply there I need to delete the others. I really need help, how do I start the process of deleting my application?


  • Hi Cynthia,

    In this situation, you actually don't have to delete your application because LAVC, Southwest, LA City are all colleges under one district. Being that they are under one district, your application to Southwest is also the same application as all other colleges within that district.

    To correctly enroll at LAVC, please contact their admissions office and inform a staff member that you have applied to Southwest College but instead want the application to go for LAVC since all the classes you need are at LAVC. A staff member would be able to transfer your application and help you enroll to LAVC.