Application page complains that my answers are "contradictory."

Hi. I'm filling out an application, but I can't advance past a certain point because the form complains:

"Your responses to the High School Education Level and Last School Attended questions are contradictory. Please fix one or the other."

But there's nothing contradictory about them. It's also strange that "last school attended" only offers home-schooling and high-school options, and no college. I don't even know what an "adult school" is.

Anybody know what the deal is here? Thanks.


  • Hello,

    I see that you have already successfully submitted your admissions application on 10/10/21. Are you still needing any assistance?

  • Thanks for the reply. I did get it to go through after some trial & error, but the application page still needs to be corrected. It appears to mean last HIGH school attended, not last school. Many applicants' last school won't be a high school.

  • Hello,

    Any corrections or changes to the application will need to go thru the CCC Apply Steering Committee. I recommend that you reach out to [email protected] for the application to be corrected to "last high school attended". Thank You.