Delete application

When I applied at Mission College I overlooked several area's and did not fill out the application correctly. As such it would be easier for me to redo the application rather than having to gather up documentation to submit changes, since I'm a young adult I don't have most of the documentation they are asking for. If I can redo the application correctly then this issue goes away for me. Can you please tell me whom to contact in OpenCCCApply to have my application totally deleted otherwise I really am not going to be able to attend for the upcoming semester since your system is constrained with the inability to make changes.


  • Hello Heejay,

    If you have submitted an application with errors we recommend reaching out to their Admissions and Records Office at your campus. They will be able to assist you with information on how to update your information with them and let you know if the information you submitted needs to be changed. You can reach out to the campus here.

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