Admission - Already have a Master degree

I want to take some classes from nearby city college (Pasadena City College). I already have a master degree in computer science (CSU) but still interested taking some computer classes to sharpen my skills and some classes just for personal interests (i.e. carpenter). Should I choose non-credit, adult education type of admission? Some of the computer classes I want to take may be for advanced students and how do I fulfill the prerequisites if I choose adult education? (I have complete college level calculus I and II, college level English including writing and critical thinking etc.)



  • Hello Jessica,

    We recommend selecting classes for credit if you will be using those classes for a prerequisites for certain certificate or degrees or if you plan to transfer those credits to a university. Non- Credit courses are for students that would like to take a class for enrichment and will not be using the course as a means to complete certificate programs or degrees. As far as Adult Education this may be relating to students who are needing to complete their high school equivalency courses.

    If you are unsure of if you would like to complete a certificate or degree, it would be recommended to register for the class for credit in case you decide at a later time that would like to complete the degree.

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