Deleting a submission to DVC, enrolling at LMC

I applied to DVC, but I didn't realize that there were no classes left. I am trying to switch my application to LMC, but OpenCCC is saying that I can't have 2 applications within Contra Costa. Is there a way to still go to LMC this upcoming fall semester?


  • Hello Brandon,

    If you have already applied to Diablo Valley College for a certain term, you do not need to fill out another application to either Los Medanos College or Contra Costa Community College. These 3 colleges make up the Contra Costa Community College District, and therefore you do not need to fill out an individual application for each one once you apply to one of these colleges for the same term, one application per term is sufficient. We recommend contacting LMC Admissions and Records and let them know that you have already applied to DVC. They will be able to assist you with your questions and assist with your next steps to enrollment.

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