How to apply to a different college and cancel the current application

How do I cancel the application I have now, to enroll/apply to another college?


  • Hi Josh,

    Unfortunately you cannot cancel an application once it has already been submitted to the college. I see that you have applied to the College of San Mateo. If you are looking to apply to Skyline or Canada College for the fall 2021, you don't need to submit an application to these colleges.

    CSM, Skyline and Canada College are 3 colleges under one district so your one application to CSM is the same as Skyline and Canada. Depending on where you actually want to go to college, you just contact that colleges admissions & records department and let them know that you have submitted an application to CSM but instead would like to attend their college.

    However, if you wish to attend a college that is not Skyline or Canada, please submit a new application to that college separately. Thank You and please let me know if you have any other questions.

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