I have not recieved conformation email!

I applied over 2 weeks ago and yet to still receive an conformation email, and my school still saying I owe money for classes. I don't know if I was approved or not and this is causing problems with me getting into classes.


  • Hi Regina,

    Please contact the financial aid office for Sacramento City College at [email protected] so that staff member can pull up your account and provide you updates on your application as well as if you were approved for the promise grant.

  • I apply at Mt. Sac College on May 16, 2021 and still don't have my student Id #.

    Thank You,

    Jacob Leazenby

  • Hi Jacob,

    If you have not received your student ID number, you'll need to contact Mt. San Antonio College Admissions Office at [email protected] In your email, I would include your application confirmation number so that a staff member can find your application in their system. You can always find your confirmation number under "submitted applications" once after you sign back in to your application for Mt. SAC. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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