Error in submission

Whenever i try to submit my application it shows error saying that it is not accepting gmail accounts using "." or "+" characters.

i tried to change it, it is still not letting me submit my application.

please help


  • I have the exact same problem I submitted an application for Oxnard College for Fall 2021, but I decided that I needed to go to Ventura. And when I went to submit one for Ventura College for Fall 2021, and it said that there was an error. I hope this doesn't can anyone help on how to solve this problem?

  • Hi Simra,

    It looks like your college is no longer accepting applications from students whose email contains a period in it. You'll need to provide another email that doesn't have a period in it in order to submit the application. Please follow the steps below to change your email. If you need additional help, please quickly call our 24/7 helpdesk at 1-877-247-4836.

    1.) Go to and select your college from the drop-down.

    2.) Follow the steps to apply and sign in. Select the profile picture in the top right corner and click OpenCCC Account.

    3.) From this page you can update the following:

    • Personal Information (Name, DOB, SSN)

    • Contact Information (Email, Phone, Address)

    • Security and Credentials (Username, Password, PIN, Security Questions)

  • Tee
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    Hi Light10111,

    Both Oxnard and Ventura are from the same college district so your one application to Oxnard is the same as Ventura. Please contact the admissions office for Ventura College at [email protected] and let them know that you have submitted an application to Oxnard for the Fall 2021 semester but instead would like to attend their college. A staff member will be able to transfer your application and help you get started on your enrollment for their college.

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