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Taking CC summer classes for credit at CSU

I'm attending a CSU and I want to take CC summer classes for my GEs.

I heard I had to just apply to Pierce normally but I don't see options that align with my situation.

For example, what should I pick in the option below? The last school I attended is the college I can currently attending. I suppose the last valid option was high school.

Likewise, in the second picture, I haven't ended my attendance at that first college yet so I can't proceed.

Thanks for any help. I do realize the answers may be obvious, but I don't have any family members I can ask so the logistics of applying to college have always confused me.


  • Hi Christine,

    In the section, "last school attended" you'll need to correctly select the last high school that you attended. If you attended a public high school for example, then you select as "I attended high school". On the other hand, for the end date for Cal Poly, you will need to correctly provide the end date as the date of your expected graduation. For example, if you are expected to graduate next semester, your end date would be December 2021. Thank You and please let me know if you have any other questions that I can assist you with.