Wrong Residency


I inputted the wrong residency while applying for Cuesta College. It accidentally put that I am not a resident of California when I actually am. And I have no Idea how to change it so I do not have to pay for the out-of-state fee when registering for classes. Do I have to re-apply to Cuesta and put the correct information? Or can it be changed through the college? They have not emailed me back on this problem and I have no idea how to fix it.



  • Hello Angie,

    We recommend reaching out to your Admissions and Records office for assistance with updating your residency. They will be able to assist you with providing the steps and documentation needed to be able to update the status on your student records. I have provided the contact information to their office below.

      Email: [email protected]

    Cuesta College: Visit our virtual lobby for assistance: Enter Here

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