Student ID

I still haven't received my student ID. I've finished CCC yesterday.


  • i haven't received my student ID I finished my application on the 10th

  • I haven’t received student I.D after completing ccc setup

  • Hi Sang,

    If you have not yet receive your student ID number, you'll need to contact your colleges admissions & records department. A staff member will be able to look you up in their system and provide you your student ID number. Thank You.

  • Hi Kaylad818,

    I see that you just successfully submitted your application today to Glendale Community College. Please allow the college two business days to process your application and email you back your student ID number. If you don't hear back from the college after two business days, please send them an email at [email protected] requesting your student ID number. Thank You.

  • Hi Albert_Valerio1,

    Please check your email to see if your college has email you your student ID number. If you have not yet receive an email from your college with your student ID number, please contact them at [email protected]. Thank You.

  • Hi. I have submitted my application on June 13th, but have not received a student ID/banner ID which is needed to access My Gateway. I tried to call Admissions and Records at (714) 905- 5162 today (Friday at 8:30) but they are closed. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Hi Gerard,

    I see that your application was successfully submitted to Fullerton College on 6/13/21. However as of today, the college has not yet downloaded or processed your application. Since your application has not been processed yet, no student ID number has been assigned to you. Unfortunately because this is a college issue, you do have to wait until the office is open back up on Monday to speak to them regarding your application not processed yet and when you will be receiving your student ID/username+password for the student portal account.

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