Question about Residency

I'm about to submit my application to SBCC but I'm stuck on whether I need to check the box on "I declared residency at a college or university outside of California" I've lived in Washington State for over 10 years and I'm currently trying to transfer from a Washington State University. I'm not sure if "declaring residency" only applies to people who moved out of state to go to college and declared their new state as their residency or not.


  • I should also mention that my family and I will be moving to California in June

  • Hi Macygd,

    My understanding of declaring residency is for the new state that you will be residing. To declare California residency, you would have to lived one year and one day. So being that you have lived in Washington State for more than 10 years, you would select the box that you declare residency at a college or university outside of California. If you would like clarification on this or more information, please contact your new California Community Colleges Admissions & Records Department. Thank You.

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